How to Sell Your House without a realtor

When you want to sell your house without using a realtor, you need to have a plan to kick it off with a list of all your “To Do’s” prior to advertising your own home for sale. This list is critical to getting ready to show off your home to potential buyers, so don’t rush the pre-listing process!

1.Make it a ready to go choice for the buyers

The process starts with a plan to de-clutter.  Decluttering, careful placement of your furniture and reducing the amount of personal possessions in your home makes it much easier for a buyer to see themselves living in the space.  Assess the furniture, artwork, pictures and other material possessions in your home. Determine the following:

  • what should stay in the home;
  • what you want to keep, but is cluttering the space so should be removed and placed in storage for the purpose of the;
  • what you no longer want and can be sold in a garage sale or an online marketplace (FB Marketplace, Craigslist, E-Bay), or donated; and
  • what is broken or in disrepair and should be discarded.

With the de-cluttering process complete, now you can focus on other aspects to make your home appealing to a broad range of buyers.

  • Remove any wallpaper and repaint the walls with neutral colors for a classy feeling .
  • With unnecessary furniture removed, rearrange the remaining furniture to make it easy to walk through the space. Look through some decorating/design magazines to get an idea of furniture placement for your home.

Curb appeal is key.  If the exterior of your home is underwhelming, no one will want to come inside!  Landscape adds beauty to a property. A traditional lawn and flower bed could do the trick to sell your house.Landscaping can be pricey so keep it simple by making sure the lawn is freshly cut and watered, trim hedges and pull weeds.  If you can add a little color with plants and flowers, go for it!  If a new paint job is out of the budget, get the home power washed so it’s as clean and fresh as can be.

2. Eyes Open: Do the Market Research

Now you need an objective analysis of your local housing market to set your property’s listing price. Never make a quick decision and don’t let your personal attachment and emotions get the best of you in setting the price. A home will only sell for what a buyer will pay for it. Buyers don’t pay for your memories in the home, they pay what the market says the home is worth. Pre-listing research is important, because if your home is not priced properly you could end up having a hard time finding a buyer and you will hold onto the home far longer than you anticipated.  Here’s the trick, evaluate the recent sales of comparable homes in your area so that you can get an idea of property prices.  You have to compare apples to apples, so when looking at recent sales they should be of the same style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms as your home, and they should be within the same section of town as your home.   Also consider that since you made your home “Ready to Go” with the tips under Item 1 above, your makeover can catch you a premium price over homes that did not have the same updates.

Doing comparable market research helps you get an exact idea to set the list price that reflects the value of your home . Waiting for the right buyer is not always an easy task. Sometimes it takes more time than expected and sometimes the process moves quickly. The beauty is in patience. If you can wait for the right buyer, set a higher price. But if you need to be out of the house soon due to any reason, price it to sell quickly. Remember, a lower price may trigger a bidding war. So get yourself ready for the hot buyers and you don’t miss a chance for your home to fetch the highest price you can get.

3. Let MLS help you grab an opportunity

Although FSBO evangelists state that the MLS is not useful for you to list your house, an MLS (Multiple Listing Sites) listing is still the easiest and perhaps most cost-effective way of making your property visible to a vast number of potential buyers.  You have to find a realtor who is willing to do this for you for a flat fee, but it is worth it!

4. You Need More Than a Lawn Sign to Advertise

The truth is that most buyers are working with realtors who send them listings on the MLS. Sohoping that drive by traffic is enough to sell your house won’t work. You have to be extremely active in getting the word out that your home is for sale and with social media and other online services that is now much easier to do!

Visual Promotion: If you are good at presentation or editing experience, you can find several options to promote your selling ideas through videos and the use of high quality photography. You can also hire a freelance photographer and video grapher if this is not your skill set.  Clear, high quality photos are the key to getting interest in your home.

Real Estate Sites and FSBO Websites: Real estate websites like Zillow & Trulia have free FSBO listing sites that collectively reach millions of prospective buyers. There are also FSBO sites that you can list your home for sale for a fee.  Here, you can show the buyer’s your house functionality, interiors and exterior photographs.

Classified Websites: Usually, heavily trafficked classified sites such as Craigslist, Urban Sitter or Next door are quite popular with real estate buyers and sellers. They can help reach people locally.

Open House: Look to see when other homes in your area are having an open house with a realtor! That means there will be a lot of traffic of buyers in the area that day.  Take advantage of their buyers and hold your own open house!  Put out signs and balloons!  Make sure to keep a list of all potential buyers so you can follow up with them.

5. Sharpen your Negotiation Skills

When you are going to sell your own home, remember you are your own agent. Fielding and negotiating with buyers or to their agents will be completely your job. So, you should be confident in your plans to sell at your price when you negotiate with them . All you need to do is…Brush up on your negotiation strategies.

  • Focus: Don’t Get Offended By A Low or Superficial Offers
    Always feel free to reject unrealistic and superficial offers that come your way during the selling process. If the buyer likes your house they will come back with a better offer.
  • Remember, the beauty is in Patience
    Never be discouraged by lower offers coming your way. Be assured, the best will definitely come because motivated buyers are also out there who will be willing to buy the best at your price.

6. Do the legal paperwork and Close the Deal

Depending upon where you live, you may want to hire a lawyer to help you negotiate inspections, possible credits and to lose the deal.  Research the closing process in your market to make sure you have the right professionals in place to protect your interests in the sale of your home!!

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